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 /kəˈmɪt.mənt/: promise or firm decision to do something (Cambridge Dictionary)

It's commendable to learn about someone's dedication and commitment. It speaks of maturity, wisdom, strength and above all, love under pressure. However, I want to throw something out there...are there things that you simply tolerate for the sake of being "committed"? I don't know about you, but I'd never want to be regarded as someone who is "tolerated". That's my worth? That's what I have to offer you?

Going forward, I'd like to encourage you to evaluate your relationship and write out the things that for the sake of "commitment" you are tolerating. Perhaps your relationship could be better enjoyed with a simple conversation. So here's to living life to the fullness, committed to be being the real you, everyday! Ça, c'est la vie!!!!

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